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MBA Resume for Independent Consultant

Darden Graduate School of Business Administration Charlottesville, VA
University of Virginia
Candidate for Masters of Business Administration, May 2002
Consulting Club, Admissions Host Program, Darden Outreach
GMAT: 720
Wesleyan University Middletown, CT
Bachelor of Arts, East Asian Studies, May 1994
Chairperson, Asian Majors Committee; Coordinator, Asian Outreach; Varsity Hockey; Big Brothers

Summer 2001 MarketBridge Consulting Bethesda, MD
Summer Associate
Developed sales channel optimization model for a global financial services client, presenting the
model and project economics to senior client executives. Client CEO extended and expanded
MarketBridge services based in part on review of model economics subsequent to my roll-off.
Presented model internally to various MarketBridge audiences for training/development and feedback.
Drafted project proposals and marketing collateral for global high-tech and financial services clients.
2000 Greif Consulting Princeton, NJ
Founder (Independent Consultant)
Proposed, negotiated and sold $75,000 of personal consulting services to manage the launch of a
$50 million strategic product/service development effort for a global printer’s financial printing unit.
Advised senior executives and management team on coordination and oversight of 14 crossfunctional
projects consisting of 90 personnel. Program was successfully completed on time.
Awarded $75,000 in follow-on work, including performing fulfillment system rationalization strategy.
1994-1999 Andersen Consulting (Accenture) Hartford, CT
Senior Consultant
Industry experience: Printing, Publishing, Health Insurance, Healthcare, and Communications.
Strategic Analysis
Analyzed capability gaps and reviewed strategic plan for a client business unit ($660 million in annual
revenues). Recommendations led to follow-on implementation work.
Co-facilitated new product/service business plan development. Led financial modeling and customer
feedback components. Resulted in $50 million funding approval.
Compared functional area separation approaches for a client’s $4.6 billion partial divesting of 2 of its
3 business units. Resulted in follow-on implementation work.
Performed a client IT cost analysis, presenting recommendations to the CTO and CFO.
Project Management
Managed a 9-month planning and implementation for a divestiture strategy project (noted above).
Led organizational, process and system redesigns across 3 functions. Directed 30 client resources and
successfully implemented 2 weeks ahead of schedule.
Led billing reengineering project, collecting over $6.5 million of “lost” receivables within 90 days.
Managed collections function reengineering for a client. Assessed and managed outsourcing vendors
relationship. Increased collections by 30%. Identified $650,000 per year cost-shifting opportunity.
Recognized by senior client executives on four separate engagements for outstanding contributions.
Awarded a “5-Star Client Service Award” (team distinction given to less than 2% of projects firmwide)
and two “Quality, Value, Service Awards” for individual excellence.

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