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MBA Resume for Telecommunications

Darden Graduate School of Business Administration Charlottesville, VA
University of Virginia
Candidate for Masters of Business Administration, May 2002
Fulbright Scholar
Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Darden School’s Newspaper
The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina Charleston, SC
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, May 1995
Graduated first in the Electrical Engineering Class.
Recipient of the Oliver J. Bond Scholarship and the Class of 1919 Award.
Elected Vice-President of South Carolina Gamma Chapter of Tau Beta Pi Honor Society.
Summer 2001 Cardinal Health, Inc. Dublin, Ohio
Summer Intern, Office of the Executive Vice President for e-Commerce and CIO
Devised and implemented a strategic initiative in the collaborative commerce area which
included developing a matrix for evaluating software packages for a $1.3 billion business unit
that saved 120 hours of consulting fees.
Investigated and analyzed customer relationship management (CRM) software packages
negotiated by two different business units and recommended to senior management a package
that will save over $2.5 million in licensing, implementation, and maintenance costs.
Contributed in a branding initiative with the VP of e-Business that rolled out new web sites
for the holding company and its different business units. Key responsibilities were designing
a site map and coordinating the content matrix across ten diverse business units.
1995-2000 His Majesty the King of Jordan’s Royal Communications Amman, Jordan
Project Manager, a Liaison to the Joint Venture of France and Jordan Telecom (1999 – 2000)
Managed Jordan Telecom’s integration of a $30 million acquisition of an Internet gateway,
Hashim Earth Station, which emerged as the premier Internet gateway in the Mid East.
Negotiated contracts and prepared budget analyses with Tier-1 Internet providers, resulting in
annual savings in the operating costs of more than $1.5 million.
First Lieutenant, Mobile and Satellite Telecommunications Officer (1995 – 1999)
Led a multinational team in the construction of Hashim 2 Earth Station, completing the
construction in record time of 40 days, 15 days earlier than estimated.
Implemented a process-improvement project that reduced downtime for local Internet Service
Providers and saved them more than 50% of the link cost by providing them with dedicated
Internet circuits to UUNET backbone through MCIWorldCom.
Orchestrated the emergency live broadcast of His Majesty the Late King Hussein’s address to
the people of Jordan within 36 hours of his diagnosis of cancer at Mayo Clinic. Usually an
international broadcast setup takes 21 days.
Advised presidential communications groups in several countries on infrastructure design and
network implementation strategies.
Mediated the implementation of 210 voice channels between Jordan Telecom and
MCIWorldCom, resulting in $210,000 of additional revenue to Hashim Earth Station from
transit traffic between the Far East and the US and a 30% decrease in the cost of calls to the
US for local customers.
Volunteer for Al Rajef humanitarian project with Jordan Red Cross/Crescent Society.
Active in Scuba diving (PADI Open Water Diving Qualifications), soccer, and tennis.

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